... Regarding the notion of things I have always thought that there are two discoveries that are more brutal than the rest. The first one consists of the first sea light that settles on your conscience like jam on toast. The second one crashes as iron against glass and refers to the encounter with the crowd. You are the center of the universe until one day you wake up on the outskirts. The others stop being considered as masses of seaweed and start emerging as infinite lives inhabiting the world amongst which your life is a speck of dust. Even then, the crowd shrinks you by opening its way between the light, impregnated with the pain of the first shafts of evening rays. In Tokyo, in the Guinza suburb I crossed the avenue. There was nobody next to me, but opposite me thousands of people tried to reach my side. What a relief when their steps became distant and I had remained intact. As a little girl I always wished to get lost in a big department store for my parents to find me.


Joana Bonet

Journalist and writter