In Olga Andrino’s recent work can be heard that which Raymond Carver called the noise of humanity, the sound of everybody’s heart. Her “Crowd Landscapes” unite strength and delicacy, immediately summarizing and expanding our anxiety, revealing our locations and dissipating them, turning them into that fog Unamuno used to conceal our fears, hopes and desires.

To conclude, we can say that Andrino builds with her intelligence that which draws closer and confuses us the most.

Created and conceived with solidity, the compositions present themselves as disconcertingly as the shadows of a secret that might belong to us. Something very near is presented to us that approaches its true depth and exactly for that reason, underneath the surface, we discover something of ourselves that escapes us also.

When we contemplate ourselves, we are present, but as happens in front of a mirror, when we recognize ourselves we feel intrigued. The part that we never quite manage to see in its entirety evaporates and obliges us to follow it beyond the territory of sight.

From childhood dreams, to those long and distressing queues in which adulthood inevitably piles upon us, from those playgrounds where we imagined games to the imposed decorations of the towns we live in, Andrino’s work invites us to scour our roads of experience.

Her mastery of different production techniques serves her own interests, ideas and premonitions in search for something that gives expression and fades away as if conducted by a pendulum in constant motion.

Origin and destiny suddenly meet in space that we can only just discern before it disappears.

The future and past intermingle before our first two intentions that become, for a fleeting moment the swinging shutters of a window permitting not only the pure morning air to pass through but also the threat of a storm.

It is to that place which we are not certain we’d wish to see that Olga Andrino leads us with her precise but free, restless but truthful hand.

She helps us move closer to her talent and, thanks to her passion, through those roads where we would eventually hope to find one another.


Ray Loriga